Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Baseball season has started!! 

March 30th is a big day this year! Hehe. First, a happy birthday wish! Next, the baseball season started with the opening game taking place in Japan, where the "best team in baseball" a.k.a. the biggest spenders, the New York Yankees, take on the lowly team budget, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I know it's only one game out of 162, but there was great rejoicing!!

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Monday, March 29, 2004

In the spring... becomes the Rose! 

Interesting little test. I'd say it's somewhat right (except for one incident that's enough to be the biggest regret of my life....)

White Rose

You are a pure and innocent person. You strive for
the best in all things and shy away from
anything that seems morally wrong or indecent.
You are simply too good of a person to engage
in those sorts of behaviors. You are quite shy
and tend to have few friends. However, the
friends you do have regard you with love and
fondness. You are extremely loyal to both your
morals and your friends who support you. You
can feel lonely at times, but it's a small
price to pay for sticking to what you believe
in. You are one of the few real innocents in
the world - Congratulations!

What color Rose are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Get all of it!!! 

Yup. Gotta watch the Mariners telecast to get all of it. Anyone not watching the game against the Rockies has missed out on this goodie -- Ramon Santiago and his 2 base running blunders after entering the game as a defensive replacement!! He certainly didn't see the 3B umpire calling him safe (as he was entitled to third base, not advancing in the play) and then calling the other runner out. What a mental mistake that was! Even if the rules to this sort of weird plays are too complicated to remember off the top of his head, he still should've paid attention to what's happening on the field. Instead he resigned himself in thinking he was out and walked towards the dugout. Such dedication from a young player! Then later on he was picked off at first base. Sheesh, just where was his mind? Maybe he needs Edgar to give him some local language lessons. (The old commercials from years past were simply much funnier than the current ones.... "How 'bout them Cougs?" "I took my geoduck to Puyallup!") Mariners baseball - hey now (???) - GET ALL OF IT!!!!!

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Monday, March 22, 2004

There'll be a deadline deal this year for the M's!! 

Yup. By the time the deadline comes around, the Mariners would be out of playoff contention, so I expect Silly Bavasi to accept a trade that would send Bret Boone to the Yankees (who'd finally fill the hole at 2B by trading for the best) for a couple of toolsy trash players no one else would want. As for Boonie's successor? Why, Boone would still be here! (Aaron, that is.) He played 2B for the Reds before so he can handle it full-time no problem. (Just like Spiezio, right? Haha.) Our GM can then also claim that the team got younger without losing any quality. *eyes roll* How probable is this? All I know is we have a GM who doesn't make any sense, and he was quick to decline interest on players he didn't try to sign, so we shall see, since he only "declined to comment" about Aaron at this point.
Btw, it would be good for Hiram Bocachica to know that even Charles Gipson hit a HR during ST once!

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This is getting old... (literally!) 

Wow. Didn't really notice it before, but is there going to be another baseball team at all who would field an entire starting team of 30+yos on opening day? (Age as of opening day)

SP: Jamie Moyer (41)
C: Dan Wilson (35)
1B: John Olerud (35)
2B: Bret Boone (35, uh, happy birthday on opening day?)
3B: Scott Spiezio (31)
SS: Rich Aurilia (32)
LF: Raul Ibanez (31)
CF: Randy Winn (29 -- ok, but just two months off. Perhaps Jr. will be back by then, and he's 34!)
RF: Ichiro! (30)
DH: Edgar Martinez (41)

Simply unbelievable. Only our beloved Mariners. Was there any pro teams with only 30+yo starters ever win it all? Anyone?

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Mad mad March! 

After four straight days of basketball action, it's time to take a break from March Madness. So much for the perfect record the Zags had at the Key. The Huskies lost a close one in the first round, but I wonder if they could've done the same thing if they had won? The Eagles did themselves proud to join in the dance. It's too bad they had to face such a strong team in Oklahoma State. All of a sudden it feels like there's no particular reason for me to keep following the tournament this year anymore, with all the Northwest links gone. Sure wasn't how I anticipated just a few days ago....

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There's a beginning to everything 

Can't believe I'm actually doing this! Well, I believe this works better than keeping a homepage that I never feel like updating (or remodeling, actually), and I've simply been enjoying visiting blogs for quite a while, especially the ones about the Seattle Mariners. I've thought of starting one of those, but I don't think I'll have enough news and info to be interesting. Though it'd be good to have a place to write about my thoughts I suppose. Anyway, here is a try out and I hope it works!

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