Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Get all of it!!! 

Yup. Gotta watch the Mariners telecast to get all of it. Anyone not watching the game against the Rockies has missed out on this goodie -- Ramon Santiago and his 2 base running blunders after entering the game as a defensive replacement!! He certainly didn't see the 3B umpire calling him safe (as he was entitled to third base, not advancing in the play) and then calling the other runner out. What a mental mistake that was! Even if the rules to this sort of weird plays are too complicated to remember off the top of his head, he still should've paid attention to what's happening on the field. Instead he resigned himself in thinking he was out and walked towards the dugout. Such dedication from a young player! Then later on he was picked off at first base. Sheesh, just where was his mind? Maybe he needs Edgar to give him some local language lessons. (The old commercials from years past were simply much funnier than the current ones.... "How 'bout them Cougs?" "I took my geoduck to Puyallup!") Mariners baseball - hey now (???) - GET ALL OF IT!!!!!

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