Monday, March 29, 2004

In the spring... becomes the Rose! 

Interesting little test. I'd say it's somewhat right (except for one incident that's enough to be the biggest regret of my life....)

White Rose

You are a pure and innocent person. You strive for
the best in all things and shy away from
anything that seems morally wrong or indecent.
You are simply too good of a person to engage
in those sorts of behaviors. You are quite shy
and tend to have few friends. However, the
friends you do have regard you with love and
fondness. You are extremely loyal to both your
morals and your friends who support you. You
can feel lonely at times, but it's a small
price to pay for sticking to what you believe
in. You are one of the few real innocents in
the world - Congratulations!

What color Rose are you?
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