Monday, March 22, 2004

There'll be a deadline deal this year for the M's!! 

Yup. By the time the deadline comes around, the Mariners would be out of playoff contention, so I expect Silly Bavasi to accept a trade that would send Bret Boone to the Yankees (who'd finally fill the hole at 2B by trading for the best) for a couple of toolsy trash players no one else would want. As for Boonie's successor? Why, Boone would still be here! (Aaron, that is.) He played 2B for the Reds before so he can handle it full-time no problem. (Just like Spiezio, right? Haha.) Our GM can then also claim that the team got younger without losing any quality. *eyes roll* How probable is this? All I know is we have a GM who doesn't make any sense, and he was quick to decline interest on players he didn't try to sign, so we shall see, since he only "declined to comment" about Aaron at this point.
Btw, it would be good for Hiram Bocachica to know that even Charles Gipson hit a HR during ST once!

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