Monday, March 22, 2004

This is getting old... (literally!) 

Wow. Didn't really notice it before, but is there going to be another baseball team at all who would field an entire starting team of 30+yos on opening day? (Age as of opening day)

SP: Jamie Moyer (41)
C: Dan Wilson (35)
1B: John Olerud (35)
2B: Bret Boone (35, uh, happy birthday on opening day?)
3B: Scott Spiezio (31)
SS: Rich Aurilia (32)
LF: Raul Ibanez (31)
CF: Randy Winn (29 -- ok, but just two months off. Perhaps Jr. will be back by then, and he's 34!)
RF: Ichiro! (30)
DH: Edgar Martinez (41)

Simply unbelievable. Only our beloved Mariners. Was there any pro teams with only 30+yo starters ever win it all? Anyone?

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