Friday, April 23, 2004

Missing you... already! 

Finally the 3rd installment of my favorite game series (well, for now anyway) is out in Chinese! Though I'm a month late in realizing its release. Stupid me! I could've been playing it by now!
In related news, about two weeks ago I impulsively left a message at my favorite voice actress Atsuko-san's website, twice. I asked whether she'd be involved in the up-coming installment of MO which is in production. I never got a reply so I'm assuming that either she's extremely busy (as celebrities should be) or that she (and her manager, perhaps) doesn't know English. If only I knew Japanese! Though I was happy to find out that she is indeed going to be appearing in the game. Can't wait for "what comes after" to come out on the PC in Chinese too!

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