Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nice guys may have to struggle just to finish third...? 

Fellow M's blogger Paul of the SS Mariner has moved to a new location, his own domain. Congrats on the move in and things finally working out for the site! Hehe. I'll update my links too.
Btw, just a point of reference, while Paul is an Arsenal fan, I've been a long term supporter of Tottenham (since 1987 -- I was 8 then). As much as I dislike making this statement, I believe they deserve congratulations on winning the Championship multiple times in the recent years. It's been tough to endure all the mediocrity and underachievements Spurs have put up through the years, but at least the team have some quality young players and the future is on the optimistic side, once a suitable new manager is appointed.
As for the M's... it's towards the end of the month now and the cellar party is still going. It's probably a good idea to start feeling comfortable there because we could be there for quite a while. It's strange that, though I'm a pessimist, I really haven't felt any sadness about losing. Maybe I gave up before it even began? Oh well. It's a long shot with the current management, but I hope that the team will stay down for the majority of the season so we can finally be rid of some older players and see some farm hands called up before the end of the year. It's probably just me, but somehow I'd feel more comfortable seeing Tacoma's starting lineup of position players than the current M's. Ok maybe that's a bit extreme. Maybe half of it then. :-p

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