Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Recently I only caught the later parts of Mariners games on TV. For three consecutive games I suppose I tuned in at the exact wrong moments. (Saturday: Meche giving up the first run of the game. Sunday: Right after Wilson's HR, witnessing the start of the M's bats going to sleep and eventually losing the game. Tuesday: Right after Myers beaned Jacque Jones and J.J. Putz giving up game-tying hits for a blown save [or does the blown save belong to Hasegawa instead?].) How Tuesday's game winning run scored reminded me of a certain play at the Metrodome 2 years ago, when defensive sub Charles Gipson gunned down the would be tying run at the plate on a single to center, throwing a one-hopper to Tom Lampkin, as the M's held on to the lead and won the game. It seemed a lot different when the throw came in from Randy Winn, even though his throw seemed to have beaten the runner but Wilson couldn't hang on to the ball. Anyway, many may disagree with me here on the latter, but it's obvious that the M's defense is bad when I'm starting to miss "Sir Charles" in the outfield.
Congrats to Edgar on his 300th career home run, the only bright spot of today's game.

Update: J.J. Putz did get the blown save.

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