Saturday, May 01, 2004

May the cellar party continue 

So the second month of the season didn't start out all that well after a month that's easily (un?)forgettable. Strangely, once the "toughest to double up" player, Ichiro had GIDP 3 times in April, matching his total of last year for the entire season. He then started off May with another one, to exceed his last year's total. It doesn't seem like he got to steal many bases this year either. Bloomquist with an injury and listed as day-to-day? I wonder if it's workable to just place him on the 15-day DL and let someone else from AAA (e.g. Justin Leone) try his luck. (Wishful thinking again here, I know.)
Anyway, as much as we know the M's weren't going to do well, did anyone expect the Rangers to lead the AL West come May 1st?

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