Wednesday, May 26, 2004

One more on the road; is it in the numbers? 

Quite possibly coming as somewhat of a shock to some of us, the Mariners knocked around C.C. Sabathia some and now are on a winning streak of 3. With that result, Freddy Garcia is now the ERA leader in the AL! That should help some with a possible trade involving the Chief. (Does anyone still call him that, btw?) A couple of question marks for Melvin on today's game though. Why would he rest Bret Boone with a lefty on the mound while Olerud starts? And in the 9th, when Guardado was warming up for the save situation, why was Hasegawa also up and throwing?
Another thing that I just noticed (it took me two months to see that). Could Aurilia also be "responsible" for the bullpen's collapse this year on top of being an offensive/defensive black hole? Pitching coach Bryan Price always did a pretty good job on the pitching staff ever since he came in, but this year is a bit different. Granted, the arms in the pen are comparatively worse (Myers, Villone, Hasegawa back to earth...), but the number on Price's back also has changed. He now wears a #27 jersey and left #35 for Rich. It's probably a coincidence, but it's interesting how some things come together.

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