Friday, May 28, 2004

Unbelievably, maybe it is better this way.... 

4 runs off Pedro! Aurilia homered! Talking about out of the ordinary. Though maybe even occurances like these still won't be enough to overcome the doom and gloom, as Joel suddenly lost his control and now it's 6-4 Boston. It's really too bad for him, but perhaps this is better for the team in the long run. If we're going to get a win against Pedro, we might as well do it in a season which the game would actually make a difference. Winning today would've meant nothing but let the M's management feel good about their moves in constructing the roster.... Because it's probably not beyond Bavasi to say something like "we've done a good job on the team's offense this year as they've achieved something that the teams in the past few years couldn't. All it takes for things to come together and turn around this season is to have our veterans start hitting again like they did today." etc, etc.

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