Thursday, June 03, 2004

More from the Times! 

On a day that I don't have much to say about an M's game the previous night since I didn't watch it, the Times saved me by letting me link to a couple of articles. This time Larry Stone talks about how we probably shouldn't expect too much if we do end up trading Garcia, and quotes from Melvin suggesting that we probably wouldn't have to see Villone taking Meche's spot in the rotation. All in all, realizing who our current GM is, I wouldn't say that I had high hopes in the trading front. Though I'd welcome the news if Nageotte does end up starting regularly. Even if he doesn't perform all that well, he won't be missing "developement time" he would've gotten in Tacoma versus sitting in the Seattle bullpen.
Now that it looks like Ibanez will head to the DL, here's hoping that the M's would bring up someone actually good from AAA, which means they probably won't.... Meanwhile, I'll be making use of my voice here, no matter how small it is, to root for Justin Leone in Jeff's absense.

Leone for 3B/LF/SS, or wherever he can play, in Seattle!!

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