Wednesday, June 23, 2004

So close, yet so far.... 

Wouldn't we know it? Just when current results almost brought out the Optimist in us (even though against weak opposition), the Mariners had to remind us in a big way how the team is bad. Might as well, since even the M's management must have to realize it at some point, right?
Weirdly, after about 3 innings, the local station (in Spokane) that carried the broadcast of today's game somehow went through techinical difficulties and I couldn't catch the game live from then on. Fortunately (*ahem*), Fox Sports Northwest came to the rescue with Mariners Double Play! That's right! When the team is this bad, people simply need a second chance to see it to believe... not to mention, to Get All Of It!!
Anyway, instead of talking about how the Rangers came out on top by a score of 10-2, there're better things in life. (ok that's a little bit too serious there. hehe) What I meant to say is, it's time for me to rumble about my random thoughts on other sports happenings on the day! Yeah! (If only the M's could get me this excited....)

Since I couldn't watch the M's game, I looked for something else on TV and stumbled upon seeing the Seattle Storm. They ended up losing too but at least it was a good fight, and seemingly the team really have some talent (outside of Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird, even). One thing I didn't understand, however. As much as I love rooting for Lauren Jackson, I wonder why the coach kept on giving her the ball from every set play in the last two minutes or so. Granted, she's tall, pretty strong in the post, and talented, but it wasn't like she was scoring at will since she was almost always double or triple teamed when she touches the ball inside. I don't oppose having her as the go-to player. It's just that, isn't it obvious for the other team to mark her tightly when the ball only kept going to her every single time?

Now for my Euro 2004 portion of the post.... Italy is out! Whoo-hoo! Denmark and Sweden played a thrilling match, it seems, that ended 2-2 which put them both through. Both teams vowed to go for victory but it turned out better this way as the neighbors both qualified for the next round. Also, after losing to Italy, Bulgaria became the only team in this tournament to lose all three games.

More from Europe! Wimbledon is underway and ran into rain delays again just like they would traditionally. I haven't been watching much tennis for years but some random things still caught my eyes for picking out players to support. As of this time (in women's tennis), it's Svetlana Kuznetsova of Russia. I actually haven't seen her play yet, but hey, she shares my birthday! :-p (Good enough a reason for me. Since I usually don't jump on bandwagons, I seldom support the already well known players. It's much more fun to cheer on the underdogs!) Unfortunately, against a certain prediction, she was knocked out in the first round in 3 sets.... Eyes on Navratilova then, to see just how far she can go in singles at the advanced age of 47.... (And maybe quick checks on Alicia Molik, who probably won't make any significant noise....)

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