Sunday, June 20, 2004

They've done it! It's 4 in a row! 

The Mariners defied track record and helped Garcia to his 4th victory for the year, and have a 4-game winning streak for the first time this season. Just one more to go! Just one more! Bring back the Optimist! (Oh well. With the day off we'll have to wait for at least another day.)

So Greece didn't breeze by Russia afterall... they actually lost. Though it's all good in the end as they still manage to qualify for the second stage, with hosts Portugal also booking a place in the last 8 by defeating their neighbor, Spain. The Spanish once again had a flying start but couldn't live up to expectations, remaining as underachievers. England and France tomorrow, playing against Croatia and Switzerland, respectively. Should be interesting as all four teams still have chances to advance. Go England!!

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