Monday, June 07, 2004

We had a good Winn for once! 

It's almost as if responding to my last post, the M's won again right away, coming from behind to chase White Sox closer Billy Koch. Randy Winn had a good game at the plate going 4-5 and hitting his first HR of the season. Perhaps the move to LF has somehow "rejuvenated" him? Hopefully he won't be back in CF again and spare us of his terrible routes to the ball and rubber arm. Bocachica stayed in the lineup, which puts him in front of Bloomquist and probably Cabrera in the packing order. With hits in both his starts, hopefully he'll turn out to be useful.
Interleague play starts today and Clint Nageotte makes his debut as a starter. I hope that this time his command and control will be better than his first outing out of the pen, since he had days to prepare for the start. It's good to see him getting a chance though.

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