Saturday, June 05, 2004

We won today, somehow! 

Franklin started the game terribly and gave up two runs in the 1st, but settled down and did a good job the rest of the way to tally 7 innings without any more runs. As I was watching the 1st I thought "uh-oh", but I guess luck was on Ryan's side today. The bullpen almost coughed it up, walking 4 in the last 2 innings, but squeaked by without giving up any hits. When Mateo was warming in the 7th I thought he'd start the 8th, but instead it was J.J. Putz who went in and walked the only two batters he faced. Mateo then came in and did a great job on Frank Thomas and Carlos Lee, then Guardado uncharacteristically struggled finding the strike zone but still managed the save.
Bret Boone won the game with his bat flip making a rare appearance of late (2nd hit in his last 20 ABs)... what a rally killer, right Bob?? Otherwise, the offense didn't look particularly good... at least now the whole country got to see some of our agony on offense with Willie Bloomquist and Pat Borders both starting, making up the bottom of the batting order. (I wonder if the Fox network would demand a money-back from the M's for featuring such quality [or lack thereof] in a nationally televised game?)
Anyway, it was good to get a win. Hey now, get all of it!! (Because who knows when our next win would be? It could take a while!)

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