Saturday, July 17, 2004

The 2nd half begins.... 

The past two days I was busy with timing the last two episodes of Galaxy Angels Season 3 for the fansub group Anime Haven. Seems like once again I've missed some action of the M's. Justin Leone homered in consecutive games! Bucky and Sherill also made their ML debut. Fans can now at least have something to look forward to seeing in this already lost season, instead of seeing the same ol' decline of a team as a whole.

It was a very unclassy move for the M's, however, designating Olerud for assignment. Ole specifically pointed out that he refused trades because of his concern for his family. The M's in their own way went completely against the image they were trying to sell.... They've casted off a family oriented all-round nice guy. IMO, Olerud deserved to play out this season with the M's, even if it meant he'd be on the bench most of the time. He's done plenty of good things for the team and the community for the past few years and he should've been sent off with an ovation from the fans as he went towards his likely retirement (along with Edgar). Not like this....

I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. delirious lost is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.
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