Sunday, July 25, 2004

My version of memory loss.... 

And I was hard on Ron Fairly's comment! How on Earth did I forget something such as this in a game that I attended?!

It was wrong to say Tim Christman went through an "uneventful 9th" in the Rainiers' game in Portland on Thursday. Well, unless we strictly only talk of baseball runs of play, then there really wasn't much going on.... Right after the first pitch was thrown to the second batter in the inning, a streaker appeared on the field, making his entrance by jumping off the top of the Rainiers' dugout. He took the security guards for a nice ride around the bases and into the outfield before finally being tackled and "escorted" off the field. Given that it was a blown out loss for the home team, it was the last thing for the fans to make some noise for before calling it a night.

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