Tuesday, August 03, 2004

But he already has a nickname! 

Looking at the piece by Joe Kaiser in the P-I today, seems like Felix Hernandez is making believers out of everyone. Though "King Felix," as touted by the USS Mariner (congrats on the new site and domain, btw!) has been used as reference to Hernandez by multiple bloggers already. I'll be looking forward to King Felix's reign in Seattle to begin in the not too distant future!

As the trade deadline passes, the roster should be generally set for the rest of the season. We get to see some of the "future" of the ballclub in the form of Leone, Bucky, Nageotte, Blackley, Thornton (*cough* walks!), Sherrill, Lopez, and even Atchison getting their chances in the bigs. Hopefully, A.J. Zapp and Jamal Strong will also have a chance in September, as I believe they've done enough in AAA to show that they at least deserve a chance. (Will we also see Luis Ugueto, the name that we dread but the club loves??) As for Jeremy Reed, I've only gotten to know him through reading the blogs, it sounds to me that the general take on him is that he should stay for the full season in Tacoma and then maybe compete for a job next Spring. Anyways, it's always good to have things to look forward to for the future.

I hope the M's AAA affiliate will move to Portland. Then I might even try to be a season ticket holder there and try to learn/practise to be a casual scout! Hehe.

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