Thursday, August 05, 2004

Catch the Mads-ness! 

A wonderful job by Bobby Madritsch in this first Major League start! He looks the most confident and mentally ready for the big leagues out of all the Tacoma call-ups this year. He also seems to have the best command out of the bunch as of right now. He should be here to stay in the rotation for a while. Good for him, after all the waiting he's done!

He may have his flaws, his bad moments, and may lean towards praising the team more than anything, but I'll take Bill Krueger in the broadcast booth over Dave Henderson or Dave Valle any day of the year. He's a lot easier to the ears, and when he's wrong about his analysis, the errors of ways are more techinical rather than plain stupidity that we've come to expect out of the other guys.
One thing for sure though. Today he had a comment that was in tune will what the USS Mariner talked about, power score runs. They had a list of the teams in the AL with the lowest batting averages, and the Yankees were 5th. (The M's were 3rd, while Tampa Bay were 1st.)

"It's strange to see the New York Yankess on this list..."
"When they get their hits, they get them in the 3-run homerun variety. That's how you score runs."

Finally, we get to hear it during a Mariners broadcast.

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