Monday, November 01, 2004

The return of the posts! 

How time flies! It's been more than two months that I haven't posted anything. The past months have not gone by quietly, of course, but I somehow found myself enjoying reading other bloggers (particularly the wonderful M's blogsphere) than just voicing personal opinions here. Though I understand that I should put in more efforts to keep this blog going. Afterall, I made the decision to start this and should be more responsible in maintaining it. I thank all the visitors who would take the time to check back periodically (if any), and I apologize for not putting up anything worth reading for quite some time. I'll soon check and update the links to the other blogs and my favorites list, too. (Btw, welcome back, Optimist, and congrats to the Red Sox for finally winning it all after 86 years!) I also want thank the other bloggers who kept the links to this site on their blogs.

It's now the off season in baseball but there should still be plenty to talk about sooner or later about the M's as we anticipate the club being more active than ever to try to rebuild/rebound from the near 100-loss season, and of course I'll also post about other things, perhaps including the Sonics (can they out-do the 2004 M's??) and such. I hope that I can still put up things that are worth some time of my visitors/readers!

but please promise me, that sometimes, you will think of me!

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