Friday, November 05, 2004

Sonics can start scouting for lottery 

I was going to make a post about this after seeing the Sonics' last preseason game (despite coming away with a win against Portland) and learning that they lost to the Clippers by 30 in the opener, but Art Thiel beats me to it. It's simply unrealistic for the management to expect the team to compete for a playoff spot this year with this year's cast. I have to feel for Nate McMillan, who most probably will get the marching orders sooner or later. He might not be all that good a coach, but even the likes of Phil Jackson or Larry Brown etc. won't be able to do much with this team. I do genuinely hope for a high draft choice for next year, for it seems to be the only way this team is going to acquire a truly good player with the lack of meaningful trades and signings in recent years.

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