Friday, December 10, 2004

Holiday Wishes 

I know I said that I'm going to be back posting regularly... I really will. It's just that lately I've been caught up in a choir for a Christmas performance. It's a church choir (even though I don't belong to the church) and the performance will be this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, at 7pm Pacific time. It'll be broadcasted live online! I'm not sure if there'll be video broadcast at the website, but I certainly would welcome people to listen to us. The theme of music is mostly of the classical type, and I'm challanging my limits in singing first tenor (which pounds on the higher end of my voice range a lot).

Ok, back to sports. The baseball winter meetings starts today, with no news to report so far. However, the FA signings have already picked up after the arbitration deadline. My opinion is pretty much in tune with most bloggers. With Glaus signed and Kent using up part of the Dodgers' available budget, I'm hoping for Adrian Beltre. There're mentionings and rumors all over about this, including the Seattle newspapers, but I'll stick to my general take on such matters (which also is in tune with other bloggers) -- to be patient. So far only one signing has been made by the M's -- re-signing Dan Wilson, which is a move that I liked. Signing him as a backup at a decent price is much better than bringing in someone else from the outside for a similar amount. At least Dan is good defensively and already knows the pitching staff well. I'm also hoping that Olivo will be able to learn how to block pitches and call games from him. As for Villone, I'd like to see another team signing him. It's probably better to have a draft pick than to have him pitch for the M's.

The Sonics... who would've thought at the beginning of the season? The young players are improving, Rick Sund made a fantastic trade that actually helped the team, and Mcmillan also have improved on his coaching. At this rate they will probably make the playoffs. (While having the league's best record is cool and all, I'd still like to have a somewhat higher draft choice for next year, and realistically this team probably won't finish the season with the best record anyway.) The return of Murray should help the team as a whole with Allen being able to rest more, but I'm somewhat worried about Potapenko coming back. He is a force inside, but he's relatively immobile and sets terrible screens, if we can call them that. (His poor "screens" allow the defender to simply go around him, while his marker also chases down the player with the ball, hence creating a double-team instead of brushing off a defender.) Anyway, while it's fun during the season, it's going to be very interesting to see what will happen in the off-season, with many key players and the coach on the last year of their contracts.
Before I call it a post, I have to vent some: I thought I heard somewhere that FSN NW was going to broadcast Sonics games at the Portland area as well when the Blazers are not playing, but so far all the games have been blacked out. Truly local/regional coverage at its best!!

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