Monday, January 31, 2005

Season of changes! 

Once again I haven't posted for a while. There've been plenty of moves made by the M's this off-season, with some highly welcomed news and some other ho-hum signings, but I'm glad that generally people are feeling rather optimistic about this year's team. We should really have fun watching Beltre and Sexson in the middle of the lineup. Spring training can't come soon enough!

In the blogsphere there has been some changes too. I'll update my links soon. Congrats to Lookout Landing (formerly Leone for Third) for their move! And also, I'll definitely miss Mariners Wheelhouse.

The past month was just quite chaotic with the holiday season, working on anime episodes (Galaxy Angel Season 4) at the Anime Haven, watching the Australian Open, and every bits and pieces of life happenings. Hopefully I'll post more regularly now that the baseball season is approaching. Once again, thank you for everyone who has stopped by, and I hope there'll be more content worthy of visits! :-)

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