Saturday, March 18, 2006

Another attempt of a comeback 

It's been yet another long time since I last posted. I just haven't had the motivation for quite a while.... plus I felt that I had little to contribute about the Mariners that the other more serious blogs wouldn't have covered already. Not to mention the team had been rather difficult to get behind in the past year. Though there were glimpses of hope and I do look forward to another season. Perhaps I'll just try harder to post casual thoughts and reactions like I did before.

This year I'm playing fantasy baseball in the yahoo public leagues again. (See: St. Wong Utd.) Last year I was dragged down by Bret Boone's downfall and Beltre's down year and ended up 4th. This time I hope for better luck. I tried to get the more productive Mariners onto my team and ended up with Ichiro, Big Richie, King Felix, Every(few?)day(s) Eddie, and JoMAMA. (I hoped for a rebound year from Beltre but he was snatched up by someone else.)

Also, it's old news by now, but the 2006 Mariners commercials are out. I thoroughly enjoyed watching "Big Richie", and "Wall of Adrian" was a nice idea that unfortunately lacked decent delivery. (Though the very end of it was kind of cute.) I'd also like to give special mention to "Epidemic" because it managed to capture the essence of Ichiro while he didn't actually make an appearance. (I assumed that he's away on WBC duty with the Japanese team and wasn't around for a commercial shoot.)

Well, here's to another comeback attempt. I'm probably going to talk about some more old news soon (such as the Winter Olympics and the soon to be over World Baseball Classic).

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